Podcast #17:‘I have delusions of grandeur’: 45 minutes of loveliness with burlesque powerhouse Cece Sinclair.

In the latest HLAY podcast Dr Ellen Wright (and her friend Bobbie) talks with triple-threat burlesque powerhouse Cece Sinclair.

Cece has been on the British burlesque seen for a few years now and has a reputation for her professionalism, her polished performances and her sheer likeability.


They grabbed the chance to chat at this year’s Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival, back in May, and they discuss a broad range of topics including burlesque birthdays, choreography, the politics of public nakedness and the horror cult of Cece Sinclair.

If you want to see more of Cece she is on both Facebook and Instagram.

The ‘45 minutes of loveliness’ mentioned in the podcast’s title is how the HLAY podcast editor, John Ashbrooke, described this interview and he’s absolutely right. It is a joy.

This podcast can also be downloaded via iTunes, thanks to the technical wizardry of Phyll Smith

Music is by kind permission of The Shannon Reilly Trio. The song Trouble can be found, along with its video, via this link and purchased on the Shannon Reilly Trio album Trouble.

The podcast was produced thanks to the post-production expertise of John Ashbrook of Radio Pictures.

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