Experiencing the Windmill: Mrs Henderson Presents – The Musical


Mrs Henderson Presents programme  & tickets.

The image here is of a programme purchased by myself when my friend & I went to watch the West End production of the musical Mrs Henderson Presents. (For a discussion of my experience of the show, see my blog post, ‘A Jolly Jaunt to London’s West End‘)

In the Mrs Henderson Presents musical we see another iteration of the Windmill brand, with the Windmill’s transmedia representation coming full circle, returning once again to the theatre but in an altered, self-reflexive mode that is probably the closest modern audiences will ever come to experiencing Revudeville live.

The programme includes two interesting double page features linked to the Windmill which place the musical’s narrative & characters in context & it is notable that, whilst, as we have discussed elsewhere, the Windmill was not in any strict sense a Burlesque theatre, once again it is nevertheless linked with burlesque, with a full-page advert for the London Burlesque festival on the programme’s rear cover.

To read Michael Billington’s 2015 review of the production, in its original context, at the Theatre Royal, Bath,  click here.