Podcast#11: ‘I’m no Mary Whitehouse’: Jill Greenfield on calling out alleged sexual harassment and assault in the entertainment industry.


As part of the Women in Hollywood symposium I talked with lawyer Jill Greenfield of FieldFisher solicitors, who is currently pursuing the civil case against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein for alleged sexual assaults.


In our conversation Jill talks about herself and her motivations for being a lawyer and for taking on the civil case against Weinstein. We also talk about her part in the larger narrative around misogyny in the entertainment industry about inspiring young women, handing power on, calling out unacceptable behaviour.
This conversation very much feeds back into themes Kerry McElroy offered up in the last podcast about the importance and the empowering potential of giving victims a space to speak, about victim shaming, about the idea of the casting couch, #MeToo, agenda setting and the power (and often inherent misogyny) of the media: how the media, the public and scholars can seize the moment, help move the conversation forward and make a change.

Music is by kind permission of The Shannon Reilly Trio. The full version of the song Trouble can be found along with its video here, and purchased on the Shannon Reilly Trio album also called Trouble. The podcast was produced thanks to the post-production expertise of John Ashbrook of Radio Pictures.

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