Women In Hollywood Symposium: Useful resources

This blog post contains a number of resources you may find of use prior to and during the symposium discussions surrounding the current and historic poor treatment of women in the American film industry. Simply click on the image to be taken to the resource.

Currently these resources focus heavily on the recent context, but this is not intentional.

These resources collected here are in no way exhaustive. I’d like this to grow and I would very much welcome further suggestions as to what to add here.



The exceptional journal Feminist Media Histories can currently be accessed FOR FREE, for the month of April only.


Lauren Laverne’s interview with Hollywood star and executive producer Susan Sarandon for BBC Radio 6 on the documentary Bombshell about Hollywood actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr. (Interview starts 2 hours,  21 minutes & 15 seconds in)

lauren laverne

A brief but pertinent essay on the economic as well as ethical imperative for diversity in Hollywood cinema on the website Women and Hollywood



The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in media slider-geenas-two-easy-steps-2018Oprah Winfrey on the #TimesUp movement at The Golden Globes 2017

Output from the In media Res theme week devoted to #TimesUp and #MeToo:


The #TimesUp open letter of solidarity:

Article on Frances McDormand’s 2018 Oscars acceptance speech, including the notion of ‘inclusion riders’


Director Ava DuVernay interviewed for BBC Radio 5’s Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review about her film A Wrinkle in Time and the paucity and power of young black women’s representation in Hollywood. (Interview starts 38 minutes and 24 seconds in)


The University of Southampton Calling The Shots research project on Women in the British film industry:


Article regarding the Weinstein allegations on the by Deborah Dean:


Obituary for actress and director  Ida Lupino


Article detailing Maureen O’Hara’s fight against sexism in the 1940s:


Article on Gloria Grahame, sexism and the ‘problem’ of aging femininity in Hollywood:








Article regarding Oliva DeHavilland’s current case against the producers of Feudtelegraph_OUTLINE-small


Article about the #OscarsSoWhite campaign


New York Times article regarding Uma Thurman’s allegations against Harvey Weinstein


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