Here’s Looking at You Podcast #6: Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You down.


Following its success at the Emmy Awards, where it won best TV drama, best actress and best supporting actress, it is probably time to release my podcast about the TV adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale.

In this podcast I talk with poet, teacher, writer, musician and community activist Josie Moon, about the Margaret Atwood source novel and its recent, television incarnation.
A strikingly prescient pair of texts, both prompt us to discuss all manner of contentious topics, from women’s reproductive rights, to the process of othering, to hierarchies, freedom of speech and star activism.


As you’ll hear, as is always the case when Josie and I get together, this conversation is quick fire and there are no holds barred. Josie is a very political creature and it’s one of the many things I respect about her. Her current project, A Fish Tale, is a poetry and jazz collaboration about Grimsby’s troubled fishing heritage and future and the legacy of neoliberalism and it’s doing some really relevant, potent stuff.

We became friends initially because I sought advice from her in her capacity as a skilled writer. Ever since she has taken an interest in my work and been incredibly supportive of my research. She’s been a real ally to me as a writer and an individual and is known for her various collaborations with women, so it made sense to discuss this deeply feminist source material, which I know she’s taught to many students over the years, with her.

In case you are interested, the scholar I refer to in our conversation, who discusses the notion of star activists, is Frank Kelleter and the ideas I mention can be found in his book Serial Agencies: The Wire and It’s Fans

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Music in the podcast is by kind permission of The Shannon Reilly Trio The full version of the song Trouble can be found along with it’s video here, and purchased on the Shannon Reilly Band album also called  Trouble.

 The podcast was produced with post-production assistance from John Ashbrook at Radio Pictures.

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