Rubyyy Jones wins ‘Most Innovative’ at Burlesque Hall of Fame

RubyyyFeatured in my last couple of podcasts (podcasts #2 and #3) is the wonderful queerlesque performer Rubyyy Jones, who has recently won the ‘Most Innovative’ award at this year’s prestigous Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend event.

Rubyyy received this award for her hard-hitting, taboo-busting act Pottymouth Princess. This act is about sex discrimination, body image and sexual violence against women and was the last act ever performed at my regular Burlesque show, The Cat’s Pyjamas.  I can tell you, sitting at the side of the stage, as she performed this act, and watching the women in the audience’s reaction – tears, anger, exhilaration, punching the air – was one of the high points of ten years as a promoter and producer.

The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender, formally the Miss Exotic World pageant is a four day/night event held at the celebrated museum of vintage Burlesque ephemera in Las Vegas. It’s a BIG deal in Burlesque and a great privilege even just to perform there, let alone win a prize. If you’d like to know more about the Burlesque Hall of Fame, sometimes shortened to BHoF this is the website:

In the last two podcasts, you can hear Rubyyy talk about Burlesque, feminism, snobbery,  exploitation, innovation and diversity as part of a panel discussion at the Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival which also featured the performers Heidi Bang Tidy and Sadie Sinner and Burlesque scholars Dr Claire Nally and Dr Jacki Willson.

In addition though, I’m thrilled to say after this panel event, I grabbed a further chat with Rubyyy just on her own and we talked in greater detail about her creative process, her inspirations, how she found Burlesque and crafted her persona. It’s a fascinating discussion and I will release this podcast in July, so please feel free to sign yourself up to the site to receive a notification when it becomes available.




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