Here’s Looking at You Podcast #2 – I am Woman, Hear Me Phwoar! Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival Panel Discussion Event (Part One)

I Am Woman Hear me Phwoar!

(L-R) Sadie Sinner, Heidi Bang-Tidy, Rubyyy Jones, Dr. Ellen Wright, Dr. Jacki Willson, Dr. Claire Nally.

Welcome to  the first half of the #DMUEngage panel discussion event ‘I am Woman, Hear Me Phwoar!’ which took place on the Sunday of the 2017 Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival.

Here performers, promoters and activists Sadie Sinner, Rubyyy Jones and Heidi Bang Tidy and scholars of burlesque Dr Jacki Willson and Dr Claire Nally joined me and a room full of interested members of the public to discuss the politics of female performance.


There was a really packed house for the debate.

We discuss the representation of ‘othered’ bodies, the vilification of women in the public sphere, the role of emcees, irony and awarishness and exploitation and agency in burlesque, and panelists here discuss what initially attracted them to burlesque. I also briefly mention my own initial attraction to the form, which I have previously discussed at greater length in the Codcast.

If you haven’t heard the first podcast in which Heidi Bang-Tidy and Lady Wildflower talk about the history and logistics of the festival, and why they wanted the panel discussion to be part of it this year, then it is still available here.  The second half of this panel discussion will be available in another podcast in about two weeks, available here.

Feel free to continue the conversation and make a comment below, either on the podcast or the subjects it covers, ask questions, raise points or make suggestions for further podcasts and blogs.  Or contact me privately using the ‘contact‘ page.

Music in the podcast is by kind permission of The Shannon Reilly Trio The full version of the song Trouble can be found along with it’s video here, and purchased on the Hebden Sunday posterShannon Reilly Band album also called Trouble.

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4 thoughts on “Here’s Looking at You Podcast #2 – I am Woman, Hear Me Phwoar! Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival Panel Discussion Event (Part One)

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    • Hi Gemma
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      If you scroll to the bottom of the page, there is a heading ‘Follow blog via email’ if you click this you’ll receive an email update when the next podcast is available.
      I’ll be an week to ten days, depending on how quickly we get the thing edited.
      generally the podcasts are released fairly irregularly but all podcasts can be found on the website by clicking the ‘podcast’ toggle at the top of the page, including podcast #1


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