It’s Good To Talk: My panel discussion event at Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival


The panel from left to right: Rubyyy Jones, Sadie Sinner, Heidi Bang Tidy, Dr Claire Nally, Dr Jacki Willson and me.

I’m thrilled to say the panel discussion event ‘I Am Woman, Hear Me Phwoar!’, on the politics of female performance went exceptionally well.

We had a fantastic turn out (so many that not everyone who turned up could fit into the space!) especially considering other events were taking place at the same time and the weather was lovely. The atmosphere was amazing. Very open, honest and supportive. A number of complex ideas were discussed and the panel and audience were great, asking and answering some really interesting questions around intersectionality, personal politics, disabled bodies, classism, misogyny, gendered bodies, sexuality, ethnicity, exploitation, sex work and what brought our panelists to burlesque.

Thanks to all involved, especially Heidi Bang Tidy and Lady Wildflower for allowing me to be part of the Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival.

The event was recorded and in the next few days I shall upload the podcast to this page for those who either couldn’t make the event or want to listen again.

Should you want to continue the discussion, or raise a point, feel free to comment in the comments box. Please remember to be respectful. Thanks



The public slowly filtering in.  No images were taken during the discussion as we wanted this to be a safe space.

The first podcast featuring this panel discussion is available now here.

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