Porn!Porn!Porn! In Berlin

Myself and Phyll Smith of UEA were particularly excited to be attending the Seriality, Seriality, Seriality conference at the end of June, at the JFK Institut in Berlin, where we were scheduled to give a paper on a joint research project of ours that we’ve been tinkering with for a couple of years now, whilst Phyll finishes off his PhD, a study of Tijuana bibles that explore Hollywood scandals.

If you don’t know what Tijuana bibles are, they are  short, pocket-sized, erotic cartoon booklets that were produced illegally, between the 1920s and the 1950s.

We were presenting along side many of the key scholars in this extremely exciting and rapidly expanding field of film studies and I was particularly excited that we were on the porn panel, chaired by leader in the field, Linda Williams and also featuring Sarah Schaschek, whose work on seriality and porn has been incredibly useful to our project, Madita Oeming, who is doing fascinating work on porn parodies and Amy Herzog, whose research on peep loops was probably the standout paper of the three-day conference for me.

We’ve presented several different papers based around the research, at a number of conferences now, and we always get a good reaction. Lots of questions, people are generally amused and often people stop behind to have a closer look as we always take some actual examples of the booklets along with us. This conference was no exception.

We are currently revising a chapter for an edited collection that deals with some of the issues the film star bibles raise.

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